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TransAlpine-Run 2013

Gore-Tex® TransAlpine-Run 2013

Happy New Year to you! I’m a couple of weeks late with my wish, but I truly do hope this is your best year yet. As with the beginning of every new year, it is a time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new year. I always look back to recognize and celebrate everything that was accomplished, acknowledge what was learned, and recognize what needs to change moving forward and what new goals to set. Then, with all of that in mind, I can start to look forward in planning my best year ever. In coming posts I’ll break down for you all the areas I consider when planning my year, but a big category for me is planning my athletic endeavors. Taking care of my health and challenging myself physically are a huge part of who I am!

We sat down with our coach, Ian Torrence, recently to plan out our race year. The title of this blog post gives it away a bit, but we’ve got a number of events planned for the year, with the TransAlpine-Run being a focal point. We ran the TransRockies Run last summer, so why not compete in the sister event in the Alps? And, what better way to see the Alps??

What is the Gore-Tex® TransAlpine-Run?

I am so glad you asked! Each year is slightly different, but this year it is an 8-day pairs stage race through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. The distance is about 250km and there is about 50,000 ft. of climbing. While the elevation range is lower than we are used to here in Colorado, the terrain and elevation gain will be tremendous and insanely challenging.

As we did last year with the TransRockies Run, we are creating a video log of our journey with our training and sharing it at Please subscribe and share it everywhere – we need all the support we can get this year! In addition to this, we will also be doing our first ever 50-mile race as well as several other 50km and shorter races.

One of the best things to come from getting involved in ultrarunning has by far been the connections we’ve gotten with other people. It is really interesting because ultrarunning is very much a solitary sport – the race fields are typically very small, the distances so long that you might not see another soul for a few hours, and the training usually includes countless hours with just yourself. YET, when we do meet others, the connections run deep and friendships are forever.

TransAlpine-Run Folks ROCK!

Check out what the kind people at TransAlpine-Run posted about us? This made my week to find!


Needless to say, we are SUPER excited to not only participate in, but to take the journey in training for the TransAlpine-Run this year! Looking back at what we accomplished last year showed us that we are ready to up our game and take on bigger challenges. My hope is that we will be able to say the same thing at the end of 2013!

Please follow our TransAlpine-Run journey and subscribe to Also, stay tuned for more posts from me on setting goals!

Training Day 1.

Please visit the TransAlpine-Run website here.

Goals and Gratitude

Goals and Gratitude

I hope you’ve been having a great Summer! It has been exciting and busy at our house! I woke up a few days ago to find an article that had been written about me. ME?! It was so humbling and eye-opening to see part of my life story through the eyes of someone else. This is the article –

It is not like me to share so much about myself because I’d much rather be learning more about YOU, but this gave me pause to have gratitude for the effect my life can have on others, so I want to share more about an extremely special goal that has occupied almost this entire past year and perhaps explain why you haven’t heard as much from me. I hope it will ignite a spark for setting some of your own goals.

 TransRockies Run 2012 – SETTING GOALS!

This coming week, my husband David and I will be competing in the TransRockies Run. It is a 6-day stage race across the Rockies, run as a team of two. We must run together each day – beginning together, coming to each aid station together, and finishing each day together. It is 120 miles long and has over 20,000 feet elevation gain. We just spent the last 11 months training with a coach to meet our goals – train injury-free, train smart, be prepared to do our very best.

WHY are we doing this? Have we lost our minds??

We work with coaches and customers every day on setting and achieving goals, but we also seek to live it. No matter what, we will always set high goals for ourselves, reaching beyond what we imagine to be our limits. We want to live by example, especially for our kids.

Training for this was no laughing matter! We made a video of every single workout, to share and for our own accountability. (You can see our journey here – and here’s a recent fave:

We racked up over 1,500 miles and over 150,000 ft of elevation gain. We came through with lots of bumps, bruises, bloody crashes, injured toes, a concussion, and other minor injuries, but a HUGE sense of accomplishment and passion for helping people more than ever because if we can do THIS, we can certainly help people achieve the goals that mean something to them.

But what is super awesome is that because of the level of fitness we had both achieved prior to diving deep into the run training, fitness levels we achieved ONLY thanks to Beachbody programs and products (David lost 70 pounds!), we were able to do this at all. Also, because of the time afforded us to train thanks to our Beachbody businesses, we were able to train at a high level, travel to and train in unbelievable locations, and share our journey with the message of setting high goals. The journey has been a catalyst for change for so many people we’ve met, and within our teams. While Beachbody offers outstanding lifestyle solutions, it also opens the door to so many more experiences. TRULY INCREDIBLE and HUMBLING!!

Now it comes down to a few more days of training and then we’re off to put the polish on the entire experience. Some steps will be fun and easy, many others will be muddy and painful, but no matter what, we have gratitude for the support we’ve received from everyone around us during the entire journey.

Set Your OWN Goals!

Continue to set high goals for yourself and please connect with me to share! I want to help you reach YOUR goals, no matter the size. If it is important to you, then it is worth working for! Send me a message!

And please follow us this coming week at and pray we don’t fall off any mountains! THAT is definitely among our goals!

Photo by Dan Dalstra


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