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P90X2 – Injury or Great Workout?

P90X2 – Injury or Great Workout?

We all know there is no magic pill for health and fitness. No magic wand and no secret potion. It takes time and it takes dedication. It also takes consistency in what you do every day and attention to all the components that factor into the whole picture.

Do at-home programs really work and are they safe? Let’s take a look at P90X2 to learn more.

A lot of research and careful planning went into the creation of P90X2. Over a decade’s worth of results from P90X, its predecessor, were in and adjustments were made. Beachbody has created a scientific-based program that is far more adjustable to your needs, keeping it very safe, and EFFECTIVE!

The P90X2 Cake

Think about baking a cake. You have to have all of the ingredients, and in the correct proportions. You have to prepare the pan. You have to place it in the oven on the proper rack. And the oven has to be set at the right temperature. Right? If any one of these things is off, what will you get? A yucky hockey puck or maybe a burnt mess, right? All of these elements have to be just right to get the result you want.

The same is true for your health and fitness. The ingredients in this case are your nutrition and program. It is so important to eat clean, get the right foods, and eat frequently. Next, you have to pick the right program for yourself. With the help of a Beachbody Coach, like me, you first have to define your goals and assess what your current level of fitness is. Beachbody programs come in all shapes and sizes, and there really is something for everyone, so the more specific you are here with your goals and preferences, the better. The beauty of P90X2 is that it is appropriate for so many levels and includes rehabilitative modifications so even those recovering from injury can still get the best workout.

Temperature, in this case, is your frequency and intensity with your workouts. P90X2 is meant to be a stand-alone program. It comes with a calendar telling you what to do each day. Please FOLLOW THIS and listen to your body!! It teaches you how to be flexible with it and add more recovery days when needed, stay in a phase longer for more work in a certain area, and maximize your results, etc. Unless you are a trained/professional athlete, don’t attempt to do doubles or combine it with other sports you’re doing thinking that you’ll get there faster. You won’t. You’ll end up injured, and your results will be LESS than if you had just done it as prescribed. This is like turning the temperature up to 500° with the hopes that you’ll get results faster. You’ll end up burnt, injured, and your systems will not respond to the work.

OK, so the pan? That is your body. Prepare it by stretching properly both before AND after your workouts. P90X2 teaches stretching and uses the foam roller for myo-fascial release. This is SO GOOD for your body and feels amazing! No other programs have this built in, and two of the packages come with a foam roller included.

P90X2 Cool-Off

This brings us to the final element. Your cake needs to cool before you eat it. This is your rest and recovery period. P90X2 is based on a 5-day workout week followed by an active recovery day and a full recovery day. For the active recovery day you get to choose something that is fun for you! Go ride a bike, run, walk, swim, jump on the trampoline, whatever! The workout is just a small part of your total approach. Proper rest and recovery is crucial! The workout is to break you down and create microtears in the muscles. The rest period between is where the real gains are made. If you just plow into more workouts before the recovery gains have been made, you’ve missed out on the benefits of the previous workout. You’ll be spinning your wheels, going nowhere fast. Also, getting enough sleep is important, too!

When you piece P90X2 together you end up with one amazing program that really delivers! For more information on purchasing P90X2 or to have me as your coach and DO IT WITH ME, please contact me at

That’s it, folks! I’m off to go bake my perfect P90X2 cake for the day!


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