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Insanity The Asylum Volume 2 – Power Legs Review

Insanity The Asylum Volume 2 – Power Legs Review

Oh, boy! November was probably the busiest month I have ever had and as a result, it took me until now to get to this workout. I did plenty of running, just no Shaun T. Let me tell you what – taking time away like this has me paying today! This is an incredibly fun workout, but also killer on the legs. Power Legs is NO JOKE! Shaun T declares at one point in this video that he is going to “kill you today”; he is true to his word!

For this workout you need your ladder, a heavier dumbbell, and bands. There are plenty of plyo moves, but also some agility ladder work, slower focused work (beware of the final Burn Out!), and all sorts of fun with the bands. Just like all the people in the video, you will be pushing to your max. I definitely suggest starting with a lighter band (yellow or green) and not red like I did. My yellow and green bands have all broken so I thought I’d give it a try. It was doable, but not the smartest way to start. If you’d like to take a peek at some of the moves, scroll down to my review video and leave a review if you like!

FAQs about Asylum Volume 2

I have had some GREAT questions about Asylum Volume 2. Here are some new ones I’ve gotten recently. Please keep sending them my way.

1. Do I need to do Asylum 1 first? I think it helps because Shaun T builds upon what happened in Volume 1, but it isn’t 100% necessary. However, the currently available version of Asylum Volume 2 does not include the agility ladder or speedrope. (You can provide your own or click the links in the previous sentence to buy them separately.) Another reason to have Asylum 1 is to do the hybrid at the end. Can you imagine 8 weeks of Asylum Volume 1 AND Asylum Volume 2 together? YAHH!

2. Is this good to do as a hybrid? YES! I think these workouts are excellent as planned in the Asylum 2 program, but I also think they are great used in conjunction with other programs or other types of workouts. Get creative with your hybrid planning, always looking first at what your goals are.

3. Can I just do these workouts sometimes? This goes along with number two. If you use these along with other types of training, I think it can be an excellent blend. Adding these to my ultrarunning would be really smart, stimulating more work in all energy systems. These would be great to add in with football, soccer, tennis, etc. Take a look at the Agility Tutorial and X Trainer, both of which were very focused on the agility ladder. Give it a shot!

What types of workouts are in The Asylum Volume 2?

Here’s the breakdown. I am working my way through each so please come back to see reviews and videos for each:

  • AGILITY TUTORIAL – 25 mins. of agility ladder tutorials
  • X TRAINER – 50 mins. of speed, strength, power, and agility
  • UPPER ELITE – 60 mins. of dynamic work for shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, and back
  • POWER LEGS – 55 mins. of burning work for quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves
  • AB SHREDDER – 20 mins. of ab work with NO sit-ups or crunches
  • BACK & 6-PACK – 40 mins of 360-degree core work that shreds fat while building the core
  • CHAMPIONSHIP – 60 mins. of Game Day Take 2
  • OFF-DAY STRETCH – 30 mins. of stretching and refocusing

What comes with The Asylum Volume 2?

Great question! At the time I’m writing this, the only kit available is the Base Kit which comes with the workout discs, schedules (30 days plus an additional 8 week Asylum 1/Asylum 2 hybrid schedule), quick start guide, and nutrition guide. You will need to have your own agility ladder, speedrope, weights, and floor mat. If you already own The Asylum Volume 1, you should have everything you need. If you don’t, I suggest getting it and starting with that program before taking on The Asylum Volume 2!

Watch me do my best with today’s workout!

Purchase The Asylum Volume 1 here:

Purchase The Asylum Volume 2 here:

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