How Much Do You Workout?

OK, it’s no secret. I love to workout! For me it is fun, a stress reliever, and a time to be creative. However, without very specific goals, I can get bored. I’m a huge fan of setting goals of all sorts, especially shooting for events where you can apply your fitness and put it to the test.

“How much do you workout, Carey? It must be hours every day, right?” NO! I used to overdo it and ended up burnt out and injured, needing to take long periods to heal and/or simply recover. This should be a lifestyle, so that simply won’t do! I’m a huge supporter of moderation. Remember, your body makes its real gains during the recovery, so if you’re constantly working, working, working, you’re not allowing your body the time it needs to make the real gains you’re asking of it. My workouts are about an hour a day on average. Some days are longer (long run days for example). I incorporate lots of stretching and rolling and will do that on my 1-2 rest days each week. Interestingly, the more moderate I’ve been, the better my results! Combine this with what’ going on in the kitchen and it’s a recipe for success!