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Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Ipanema Booty Review

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Ipanema Booty Review

Ok, I was totally worried that this workout would be the dancey workout of the series – isn’t there always a dancey one in there somewhere? As you will see in my video below, I really have no dance skills whatsoever. Don’t ask me to dance, you’ll be sad you did. I run or do other sports where I’m moving forward – simple. FORTUNATELY, after the warm-up, this workout is all focused leg and glute work. YES!

This workout is all about the legs and booty. Leandro dispenses with the stability ball and gets back to using just ankle weights and dumbbells. There isn’t really anything new or terribly creative, but it is all effective work. I find that combined with the other two workouts in the series, Brazil Butt Lift Master Series is rounded out with Ipanema Booty. HA!

The girls in the video use 15lb dumbbells for the squat and lunge work, but use whatever you have or suits you. I paired up some 5s and 3s because that’s what was handy and it was sufficient for a first-viewing. I also used 2lb ankle weights. I think having adjustable weights is the way to go with these workouts since you’ll want to gradually add more as you get stronger.

Does Brazil Butt Lift Master Series work as a standalone?

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series is marketed to be a standalone program to follow the original BBL. Another 30 days to build upon what you’ve done the first 30 days. It comes with 3 workouts and the schedule rotates through them in various ways, however, for me, it might get old to do just the three workouts for 30 days. I like a lot of variety in my home workouts. BUT, I LOVE that there is a hybrid calendar for the Master Series and the original BBL! I think with all of those workouts put together you’d have an awesome total package that would feel fresh and have a lot of variety. I am super happy Beachbody has added these extra workouts, and that they aren’t torturing the non-dancers but rather offering booty workouts that get right to the point. Read and see my reviews for Higher and Tighter and Bikini Body.

Brazil Butt Lift Ipanema Booty Video Review

Oh, dear!

Get your own copy of Brazil Butt Lift Master Series here:


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