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Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Bikini Body Review

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Bikini Body Review

Here we go, day 2! Are you sore from day 1? I’m hearing a little “howdy” from my booty and inner thighs! Fortunately, Brazil Butt Lift – Bikini Body, today’s workout, was much gentler on the bum bum. In fact, I found it to be pretty gentle overall. Considering it has been awhile since I’ve done ab and upper body work, this was a nice “come back to me” workout.

Bikini Body is a 25-minute head-to-toe workout. You need the stability ball and 2 pairs of hand weights – they recommended 3lbs and 5lbs. I listened and used the super light weights, although I can see moving up very quickly. The focus with this workout is the stabilizing muscles while simultaneously working on arms, shoulders, abs, back, and just a little of the legs. The challenge doesn’t lie in the moves themselves, but the fact that you’re on the stability ball, or using it in some way. Again, Leandro worked to include the ball in any way possible (Is this a theme I’m detecting in this edition of Brazil Butt Lift?) – this, for me, led to a really strange warmup. Those not familiar with using a stability ball in a workout will enjoy the change of pace and the new challenge to the core and general balance. And, those looking for more of a challenge, modify! Go one-footed when seated on the ball. Do the pushups with your toes on the ball. Get creative! (I’ll show some of these next time.)

Brazil Butt Lift workout without much booty work?

What’s the big idea here? Other than a few squats in the warm-up, there’s not much booty work in Bikini Body. I think the title says it all, though. Bikini Body. Emphasis here is on the REST of the body, so you have that complete package when you’re done. And the workout is efficient since you’re not just isolating the muscles that you’re working on with the dumbbells, but rather you’re working your entire body synergistically by using the stability ball. Leandro also throws in a chest fly move that will help lift the boobies, ladies! He’s the anti-sag king! :-P

Who is Brazil Butt Lift Master Series for?

Great question! I’ll start with who I think it is NOT for. Definitely not for pregnant women. There is so much stability work with your belly on the ball, that would just not work out at all. Additionally, your balance changes while pregnant so I think it’s best to wait until after baby. This program is also probably not for those that are looking for something intense and seriously sweat-inducing. I found it to be fairly light. It IS for people looking for head-to-toe work that won’t build bulk, those looking for stability work, and those looking for new variety to add to their library.

The full kit does not come with ankle weights or dumbbells, so you’ll need your own. Here is a picture of what you get with the kit. (The included foot pump for the ball is not pictured.)



Tomorrow is Day 3, “Ipanema Booty”. I am SURE this one will include dancing so please forgive what you will be seeing from me! The Brazil Butt Lift dancing workouts are always a hoot, and definitely not something I’m good at!

Learn how to get your own copy here!

And watch me work through today’s workout here:

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